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HunterX allows B2B companies to streamline and scale their lead generation efforts in China.

Build a Chinese website that convinces prospects

Support your sales team on the ground with a fast-loading Chinese website.

Convert website visitors into leads

Collect contact information via custom landing pages and forms.

Know what activities deliver results

Leverage hidden form fields to track the effectiveness of your B2B lead generation campaigns in China.

Streamline your customer interactions

HunterX simplifies your lead nurturing in China.

Run and analyse your own events

Manage offline events, seminars and conferences with our event registration and attendee management tools.

Boost your website’s performance

Understand which channels are driving the most relevant traffic to your website and lead generation campaigns via our analytics tools.

Reach prospects through relevant search results

Optimise your Chinese website for relevant keywords to boost your business’ visibility toward Chinese companies.

Establish yourself as a thought leader in China

Publish professional looking content to your WeChat official account to showcase your expertise in China’s B2B market place.

Integrate on- and offline activity

Track the effectiveness of your on- and offline marketing channels using our custom QR code generator.

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