Engage Chinese students at every step of
​their application journey


HunterX is the leading marketing technology provider for universities, vocational colleges and schools looking to digitise their international student recruitment in China.

Create a Chinese website that inspires

Build a fast-loading Chinese website to inspire and engage prospective students, without the need for an ICP filing.

Help students ​find you

Be sure your website is highly visible during peak student research periods with our SEO keyword analytics and automated recommendations.

Know what marketing channels drive results

Analyse the performance of your recruitment campaign with our built-in analytics tools.

Simplify and optimise event registration

Promote and analyse your open days with our event registration & attendee management tools.

Convert leads into students

Generate new leads and nature them along their entire application journey and beyond.

Streamline your processes

Integrate HunterX with your business to get a complete view of how your China marketing efforts are converting into new applications.

Build your audience

Create your WeChat official account to share relevant content about campus life.

Tailor messages for higher engagement

Segmant your WeChat followers into custom groups to send different messages to prospective students, current students and alumni.

Integrate on- and offline activity

Track the effectiveness of your on- and offline marketing channels using our custom QR code generator.

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