Take control of your brand in China


HunterX makes your brand stand out among the growing number of international products competing for the attention of Chinese online consumers.

Create a Chinese website that inspires

Reach Chinese consumers on-the-go with a mobile-friendly, fast-loading website. No ICP filing required.

Build trust in your brand

Increase credibility among Chinese consumers by linking to your official distributors and retail channels.

Create a seamless online user experience

Integrate your Chinese social media channels with your Chinese website.

Know what channels drive the most demand

Assess your website’s performance with our built-in analytics tools.

Support your customers’online research

Optimise your website for relevant branded & non-branded keywords, using our automated keyword tools, to help Chinese consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Build your audience

Grow a loyal WeChat following through engaging content and special sales promotions.

Tailor messages for higher engagement

Segment your WeChat followers into custom groups to improve the relevance of your brand creative.

Stay in control of direct customer communications

Maintain full visibility over your one-to-one messages with your customers via the WeChat direct messaging dashboard.

Integrate on- and offline activity

Track the effectiveness of your on- and offline marketing channels using our custom QR code generator.

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